Melton Machine & Control Company has developed the CoboWeldMIG for customers looking for flexibility with an easy-to-learn robot system that meets the need of basic automated welding.  The software and integration kit developed by Melton allows shops to advance into automation at a reduced price when compared to the higher cost of industrial robotic systems.  Skilled welders are becoming even more difficult to find and retain; the CoboWeldMIG can help with these challenges with its ease of use, flexibility, and quick re-deployment to different applications within the shop daily.  Someone with little to no PC or robot experience can learn to program the robot within a few minutes.  A variety of options are also offered to assist you with the deployment of this valuable tool.


Universal Robots UR10e Collaborative Robot

  • 12.55kg (25lb) Payload
  • 1,300mm (51.2in) Reach
  • Teach Pendant with 12” Touchscreen
  • Controller (110V)



OTC Daihen Welbee GMAW Set

  • Multiple Welbee Power Source options available for welding steel, stainless steel & aluminum: P400 WPS WN-400, P400L WPS WB-P400L, P500L WPS WB-P500L
  • Wire Feeder
  • Air-Cooled Torch
  • Gas Hose with Flowmeter
  • Cables

Melton Software/Integration Package

  • Intuitive conversational programming capability
  • System can be setup for tack-welding, weaving, linear welds & circular welds
  • Robot can be easily programmed by manually moving the arm and selectingicons on the pendant

Modular Cart

  • 36” X 48” Table top with holes for modular jigs & tooling kits
  • Robot can be relocated within the table top hole pattern
  • Four (4) casters and floor lock for easily relocating within your shop
  • Cart base houses GMAW set, robot controller, wire feeder and wire
    spool mount
  • Tool Balancer for torch cable management
  • Built-in weld spatter tray that can be removed for easy cleaning
  • Removable mount for robot pendant
  • (28) Piece starter tool kit

Note: Additional options available; such as: arc shields, quick-change end of arm tooling, fixtures, variety of torches & weld set combinations