Melton Machine & Control Company has been providing robots to customers for over 40 years. Our customers that use collaborative robots have spoken to us that collaborative robots limit the size of parts they can work with. Our Engineering team has worked with PHD to develop ways to extend the collaborative robot reach. One of these is a system we call a 7th Axis.

The 7th Axis feature allows additional capabilities and range with your collaborative robot. Whether it is a linear slide or a rotational axis (that is in final development) the added feature can provide better processing for your application.

Key features:

  • Added flexibility
  • Extended collaborative robot reach range for larger parts
  • Point to point programming capability
  • Servo controlled for high positional accuracy and speed with force sensing technology
  • Complete control of robot mounting angle including overhead mounting
  • Slide extends a Cobot reach from 54 inches to 18 ft plus 54 inches
  • Allows motor and controls flexibility or complete solutions are available with the motor installed by PHD.

The optimal solution for the most demanding automation applications.