Why Melton Machine & Control Company is the best

Melton Machine & Control Company builds the best automated welding systems in the world. Our automotive partners need our robots, tooling, controls and automation so that they can make high-quality assemblies profitably. We have a team of over 60 engineers that design and build the tooling and the machines that make our customers successful. We have been employee-owned since 1985 and that means every person works hard to make sure we are successful and our customers make money. Our goal is to be the best partner we can be to help our customers build the best quality components.

Each of our partners are unique, and each of their projects presents unique challenges. We love challenges, we’re engineers through and through. We’re passionate about designing and delivering precise solutions to complex challenges, not only due to our processes and infrastructure, but also as a result of our employee ownership culture.

From process development and quotation to field support, we’re here to serve your technical needs and your project schedule. As engineers, we’re not satisfied until we’ve perfected every process, a process that begins with your needs, a process that doesn’t end but, rather transforms into ongoing innovation and improvements. This ensures that we deliver the most reliable, highest-quality automation solutions in the industry.

Engineering Team

We have two engineering disciplines that work as a team to execute each project: Mechanical and Controls. Engineers from both disciplines work together in customer and project based teams. These teams meet and collaborate on designs to ensure we are meeting the customer’s needs and specifications.

Our Mechanical Engineers use the latest 3D CAD software to design automated arc welding machines and fixtures. They excel at making robust, yet flexible fixtures that meet our customer’s needs.

The Controls Engineers not only design the machine controls and robot integration, but perform the programming and startup of the systems. Over 40 Controls Engineers have the field training necessary to travel to the customer’s location to startup new systems, integrate new fixtures and provide ongoing service.

Sales Team                                     

Our sales team is ready to assist you in developing your solutions.  We have a dedicated staff of Sales and Application Engineers that will review your requirements and also draw on their experience to suggest processing and equipment options. The sales team also collaborates with our engineering teams, follows your order through manufacturing and all the way to completion. When it is time for run-off, we are present to walk through all the steps necessary to ensure your project is ready to be shipped on time. Once in the field, we assist with in plant support and spare parts as well.  Our sales team is here to serve you.

Our employees enjoy what they do, receive competitive wages and superior benefits, and are good stewards in our community.