In the world of Automated Welding, Melton Machine and Control Company (MMCC) works with customers to provide the best possible solution to their application. All of our customers are different, with  different needs, different constraints and different Return on Investment (ROI) goals.

Some of our customers want a complete turn-key production line/system. We can provide all aspects of the solution from the material handling through the various weld cells (both automated and manual cells), to the Leak test/final gauge/assembly systems. We can provide all the engineering needed from beginning to end to meet your specifications. Most companies want a more hands on role in the process so we are ready to assist with any and all aspects of the integration portion of a system. Sometimes this is taking customer supplied robots and customer supplied positioners and building tooling and fixtures, providing the robot programming and controls programming, starting up and running off the system in our factory, shipping the system to your floor, then resetting the equipment and doing full startup and checkout support. Other times we design/build the positioning system and interconnect it to the robot cell, and provide all the tooling and fixturing to accomplish the solution with the customer doing more of the control and programming tasks.

The key factor in our success, in integraMISC_120315 005tion, is our experience and our people. We integrate over 200 robots every year including all aspects of maintaining a safe work environment and keeping your workers safe around welding robots.