We run and test all machines, fixtures and tooling prior to shipping to ensure when they are installed at your plant, you have a seamless start up. During a run-off we can support customer part builds if necessary.IMGP6771brighter cropped

Part of our on-going support and commitment to our customer is on-site service. We have available skilled technicians and controls engineers that can assist with your on-site needs. Whether you would like assistance upon delivery of your order or should you find yourself in an emergency situation, we have a quick response time to help you solve any issues. We also have the ability to do support with remote programming.

When you work with Melton Machine & Control Company we have multiple departments ready to assist you.  If you need spare parts – we will get them for you. If you need a replacement part – we will build it for you as fast as we can. We also have several services available at our facility including:

Coordinate Measuring and 3D Scanning for Advanced Part-to-Fixture Correlation

Full Machine Shop Service, with emergency customer product support

Pipe sizing

Metallography Laboratory and Services, including cut and etch weld analysis