Melton Machine has developed the CoboWeldTIG for customers looking for flexibility with an easy-to-learn robot system that meets the need of basic automated welding.  The software and integration kit developed by Melton Machine allows shops to advance into automation at a reduced price when compared to the higher cost of industrial robotic systems.  Skilled welders are becoming even more difficult to find and retain; the CoboWeldTIG can help with these challenges with its ease of use, flexibility, and quick re-deployment to different applications within the shop daily.  Someone with little to no PC or robot experience can learn to program the robot within a few minutes.  This system can be provided with several different welding models to match your preference.  A variety of options are also offered to assist you with the deployment of this valuable tool.

Offers the flexibility to be easily applied throughout the shop daily for different applications


Universal Robots UR10e Collaborative Robot

  • 10kg (22lb) Payload
  • 1300mm (51.2in) Reach
  • Teach Pendant with 12” Touchscreen
  • Controller (110V)

Miller® Maxstar® 210 with Coolmate™ 1.3

  • Maxstar® 210 Power Source; includes processes:
    DC GTAW, Pulsed TIG (GTAW-P)
  • Coolmate™ 1.3 Water Cooler
  • Water-Cooled Torch
  • Gas Hose with Flowmeter
  • Cables

Note: Other GMAW sets available

Melton Software/Integration Package

  • Intuitive conversational programming capability
  • System can be setup for tack-welding, weaving, linear welds & circular welds
  • Welding parameters can be set within the pendant per application
  • Robot can be easily programmed by manually moving the arm and selecting
    icons on the pendant
  • Programs can be saved and reused in the future

Modular Cart

  • 24” X 48” Table top with holes for modular jigs & tooling kits
  • Robot can be relocated within the table top hole pattern
  • Four (4) casters and two (2) floor lock for easily relocating
    within your shop
  • Table Docking Station
  • Cart base houses GTAW set, robot controller and water cooler
  • Removable mount for robot pendant

Note: Additional options available; such as: arc shields, quick-change end of arm tooling, fixtures, variety of torches & weld set combinations