Ferris Wheel Weld Cell

For years, manufacturers of all sizes have struggled to reduce welding cycle down time, account for variations and imperfections in raw materials, maximize limited production floor space, and find enough skilled welders (or employees). The all new Ferris Wheel Cell from Melton addresses all of those issues and more.  This self-contained welding cell is perfect for manufacturers looking to increase their part through-put rate, conserve floor space, and maintain stringent quality standards.

The Ferris Wheel Cells are designed with robotic torches operating in an enclosed space away from the operator. By enclosing this space all fumes and arc flashes are safely contained. This allows the operator to load and unload parts safely into the load side of the machine.





We have integrated a new hoist system into our design to make changing tooling easier, safer, and faster.





The roof system has a plenum opening that can be connected to your fume extraction system.






The Ferris Wheel Cell not only increases productivity but does it in the smallest footprint possible. Our design allows you to set a machine directly next to ours so you can maximize your space without losing access to key maintenance items.

This self-contained cell with smallest footprint possible, houses the welding power sources and robot controller to prevent damage from facility moving equipment.  The weld wire barrels can even be equipped with sensors to confirm proper wire for all welds.






The Ferris Wheel Cells also features light curtains and floor scanners to prevent accidental operation of the machine.





The Ferris Wheel Cells are designed with a PLC & HMI to communicate with the robot controller. This allows for ease of use for operators, provides recipes for rapid change-over, and error reporting for any issue that arises, such as operation preformed out of sequence.








Multiple sizes, capacities, robot brands, and welding equipment are available.